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Including helicopter transport to sporting events, special occasions, business travel, aerial filming and tours across thousands of destinations in the UK and Europe, as well as any other request you may have, we are your VIP helicopter hire service.


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Overview of Private Tour

High Flying Helicopter aims to bring professional and exciting VIP service to the next generation of adventure-seekers, professionals, and leaders of industry through unparalleled quality and flexibility. In other words, we are not your standard private helicopter hire service. You’ll travel in a fast and efficient manner while avoiding inevitable road and rail delays, thus getting to your event or destination on time.

Some great uses for a private helicopter charter can include:

  • Aerial filming at thousands of destinations across the UK and Europe, including Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam
  • Outdoor events such as music and art festivals
  • Weddings and special occasions
  • Business travel
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Embarking on an exciting adventure

Flexibility is one of our principal values, and no matter your transport needs, the CAA licensed pilots are accustomed to first-class, customer focused service. As such, you’ll be treated to a VIP service designed around a flexible timetable built around your itinerary and travel requests. The helicopters are able to land in most locations, and we’ll work with landowners to locate a suitable landing spot near your proposed destination.

Your own dedicated flight manager is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to accommodate any requests you may have. For instance, we’d be happy to supply champagne for a special occasion or to enhance the luxurious atmosphere for corporate guests, or if you’d prefer, we can arrange a chauffeur to pick you up from your home or take you from the landing site to the event.

The fleet includes five superior and CAA-certified helicopters, including an R22, R44, EC120, EC130, and an Agusta 109 SP. Depending on the helicopter, we can seat from two to six passengers, ideal for intimate excursions and group activities and everything in-between.

A helicopter hire may not be as expensive as you may think, and it serves as a faster, more efficient alternative to limousine transport or automobile rentals. What’s more, travelling via helicopter offers breathtaking, panoramic views of your surroundings, providing an unrivalled viewing platform to discover the English countryside, London, Paris, or wherever your destination may be. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to head straight to your event.