Propose in Style

Thinking of popping the question? At High Flying Helicopter, we want to help turn your marriage proposal into a completely unique event that your loved one will never forget. With a Propose in Style helicopter flight, we’ll arrange everything for you to propose while flying over the charming English countryside or upon landing at an idyllic location of your choosing.
It’s like a scene from a romantic movie. Just picture it: soaring high over the rolling hills or along the coast of Southern England, or over one of the most beautiful cities in the world, London. And while the sun sets in the distance, you pop the question to your astonished beloved.


Numerous private proposal flights available


Flights last minimum of 35 minutes, enough to pop the question


Glasses of champagne to celebrate upon landing

Overview of Helicopter Proposal

Ready to ask your beloved to marry you? If so, congratulations! We at High Flying Helicopter want to make your proposal a completely unforgettable event, something that you and your to-be spouse will cherish long after the day he/she says, “I Do.” The range of Propose in Style flights provide the perfect setting for you to pop the big question. From the adventure and beauty of a helicopter tour near London’s most idyllic landmarks to a romantic evening at a countryside hotel and spa, we’ll provide the lift and serve as your private helicopter charter.

How and when you decide to propose is entirely your decision, whether before, during, or after the helicopter tour. For instance:

Before a flight over London — celebrate with a bottle of champagne as you soar past the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Westminster Abbey, as well as the entire London cityscape.

During the flight — your unsuspected spouse-to-be will be thrilled over the idea of an adventurous helicopter tour, but during a flight over Southern England, from Surrey to the Isle of Wight or wherever you would like, we’ll provide a romantic, awe-inspiring setting for you to propose.

After a flight to one of our partnered countryside hotels — you will fly in a first-class Robinson R44 helicopter on a trip to a luxurious hotel and spa for you and your beloved to spend an afternoon or even the evening. We are partnered with the Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa, Chewton Glen, and Eastwell Manor to help create a truly charming setting.

As always, your preferences and ideas come first, and we can customise the flight to suit the purpose. For instance, we’ll help arrange large letters on the ground spelling “Will you marry me?” and fly you overhead. We can also land our helicopters at an appropriate landing spot near your home or another location. Simply give us a call and we’ll discuss a proposal plan and how we can help.

Our specialised London Proposal package is £600. This includes a romantic tour of London city from the skies, champagne, chocolates & flowers to celebrate your special day.

Tailored packages for a personalised experience begin at £1,000.


London Tour

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Create Your Own Experience

If you prefer something other than tea or sightseeing tours, no problem! With our High Flying Helicopter Experience Days, we’d like to hear about the helicopter experience you’d like to try and give you a new perspective on the UK landscape below.

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