Learn the Basics of Helicopter Flight

Turn your fancy of flight into a reality with our Pilot Starter Lesson. Whether as an adventure-packed gift to a helicopter enthusiast or as a way to experience the exhilaration of controlling a helicopter over the English countryside, our lesson is designed for beginners with no prior experience. After a safety and technical briefing, you’ll be taken to the skies with a CAA licensed pilot and, once you’re ready, you’ll take the controls for some heart-racing manoeuvres. This lesson is suitable for anyone over 10 years old, and the time spent learning even counts towards obtaining a helicopter pilot’s licence.


Introduction to pilot fundamentals


JAA-certified helicopter pilot


Robinson R22 helicopter

Pilot Starter Lesson

Flight is an experience like no other, and in one of our two-seater, R22 light utility helicopters, you can take to the skies with an expert pilot and discover the exhilaration for yourself. The Pilot Starter Lesson is ideal for anyone who embraces a fancy for flying, and in this lesson, you’ll learn about the controls, features, and operation of these truly impressive machines.

Following a safety and instructional briefing from a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed pilot, which includes hands-on exploration of the helicopter’s controls and components, you and the pilot will strap in and conduct a final pre-flight check before the adrenaline-pumping takeoff.While exploring the countryside and its geography below, the pilot will also introduce you to how wind speed and direction, among other elements, affect the helicopter and its course. During the flight, you’ll also be linked to your instructor and air-traffic control via a set of headphones, where you can hear, first-hand, the language and terms necessary for flight in UK airspace.

Once soaring above the lush Surrey countryside, the pilot will hand the controls over to you. To fully experience the joy and adrenaline of flight, your instructor will teach you how to climb, bank, and, if you’re up to the challenge, maintain the helicopter in a well controlled hover for as long as possible.
During the experience, safety is our greatest consideration and we’ll only hand over the helicopter’s control once the flying environment is determined 100% safe for you to fly. Upon landing, you and our pilot will undergo a final post-flight check and briefing. Whether as a gift to an enthusiast or as an adventurous experience for yourself, all starter flights count towards obtaining a helicopter pilot licence.
The Pilot Starter Lesson includes:

  • Total Flight Time = 15 minutes. We’ll make sure that, during this time, you get as much solo flying as possible.
  • Total Experience Time (safety briefing, introductory lesson, and flight) = 30 minutes
  • Pre-flight briefing and lesson from a CAA licensed helicopter pilot.
  • Hands-on flying experience that includes banking, climbing, and hovering, as well as other skills the pilot deems safe.
  • Helicopter Used: Robinson R22 two-bladed, single-engine light utility helicopter.
  • Departure and Landing Location: See here
  • 12 month vouchers available

The entire price for the Starter Lesson and the flight is £120.


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Why a helicopter proposal was the right choice for us

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Two weeks ago, as we flew over our hometown of London with the sun setting behind us – I proposed. IN A HELICOPTER. This is the story of how I met the girl of my dreams and ended up on one knee in a helicopter.

Shard London Proposal

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Some love stories are all about roses and chocolates, soft nights snuggling on the sofa, and sweet nothings in the ear. Other love stories come with a little more kick, just like Nick and Sotiria. A couple who will happily swap Shakespearian sonnets for screaming on rollercoasters, paragliding over blue seas, and snowboarding down the side of mountains.

It’s no surprise then, that when Nick decided to pop the question, it wasn’t going to be all doe eyed over a candlelit dinner – it was going to be something that got the pulse racing.