Extraordinary Helicopter Dining and Tea Experience at Eastwell Manor

The Eastwell Manor Hotel is a spectacular neo-Elizabethan style country house that virtually transports its visitors back to a time of Dukes, Princes, and Earls (Princess Beatrice was actually born in the manor in 1884). Brimming with history and the courtly charm of an English state house, the Eastwell Manor Hotel provides a luxurious, tranquil retreat. Stroll through the 60 acres of lush and landscaped grounds and converted stables, or simply relax in the exquisite allure of the luxurious drawing room, bar and dining room, where you can enjoy an afternoon tea while gazing at the beautifully manicured lawns of the Gardens of England.


Beautiful landscaped gardens


Luxurious Indoor Pool


Secluded Rose Garden 

Overview of Eastwell Manor Hotel

At High Flying Helicopter, our Eastwell Manor Afternoon Tea package is designed around the notions of absolute luxury, relaxation, and charm. Even the history of the astounding neo-Elizabethan style building upholds an aristocratic atmosphere, giving credence the current hotel’s lavish furnishings. Originally built between 1540 and 1550, the Eastwell Manor was home to Sir Thomas Moyle, the 9th and 11th Earls of Winchilsea, Prince Alfred and Princesses Marie and Beatrice, and many others.

Nowadays, the hotel aims to bring its guests a similar Tudor experience supplemented with stunning modern conveniences and styles.

More than the setting, however, is the passion for hospitality. As a guest at Eastwell, you will be treated to a heritage of English tradition in the Kent region, where a warm welcome is immediately followed by professional service and a zeal for furthering the soothing atmosphere just to your liking.

Your world-class helicopter adventure to the Eastwell Manor will begin from our Redhill location. With the roar of the blades spinning overhead, you’ll be swept off the ground and taken over the lovely Kent countryside with its rolling green hills and farmlands as far as the eye can see. Following the approximately 30-minute trip to the Manor, you’ll be escorted from the helicopter pad, through the carved panel reception room of the hotel, and taken to either the serene terrace at the edge of the hotel gardens or to the luxurious drawing room, bar and dining room, whichever you prefer. From here, you are free to indulge in coffee, a delectable assortment of teas, or, for a truly opulent experience, a bottle of champagne.

Take as long as you would like at the hotel, exploring the beautiful grounds and gardens or simply taking that second cup of tea. When you’re ready, you will be flown back to Redhill. However, keep in mind that we can tailor your take off/landing spot from other locations than Redhill. If you have a preferred take-off/landing spot, even if you’d like us to pick you up from your home, please feel free to let us know.


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