Indulgent Afternoon Tea

High Flying Helicopter has partnered with several astonishing hotels in the UK countryside to offer an exciting fly-and-dine experience. The helicopter rides will take you on a breathtaking, yet relaxing, tour over the countryside. You’ll land at one of our partnered hotels where England’s greatest indulgence, an afternoon tea, will be waiting for you and your guests.
Flight time to the hotel takes between 10 minutes and few hours, depending on the location of pickup. Upon arrival, you’ll be treated to a choice of tea, coffee, chocolates, and sandwiches. Remember, we can tailor your Afternoon Tea to your needs and/or wants.


Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa

Set in 30 acres of private parkland with a moat, small streams, and wildlife, the Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa presents an idyllic setting for a relaxing break.

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Eastwell Manor Hotel

Ever wanted to take a helicopter tour to a tea party in a breathtaking Norman manor? Well, you can! Enjoy a one-of-a-kind afternoon tea at the esteemed Eastwell Manor Hotel.

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Why a helicopter proposal was the right choice for us

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Two weeks ago, as we flew over our hometown of London with the sun setting behind us – I proposed. IN A HELICOPTER. This is the story of how I met the girl of my dreams and ended up on one knee in a helicopter.

Shard London Proposal

33 Places to Propose in London

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Even though the name The Big Smoke doesn’t conjure connotations of romance, the capital city is a place steeped in love stories. From royal weddings to Shakespeare and Keats, London is every bit the whimsical, wonderful place to plan weddings and proposals. From whispering sweet nothings in St Paul’s to wandering regal gardens, making great love declarations atop shimmering skyscrapers, helicopter rides and aquarium dives -here are the finest ways of getting down on one knee in the cool capital…

High Flying Romance; Nick & Sotiria

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Some love stories are all about roses and chocolates, soft nights snuggling on the sofa, and sweet nothings in the ear. Other love stories come with a little more kick, just like Nick and Sotiria. A couple who will happily swap Shakespearian sonnets for screaming on rollercoasters, paragliding over blue seas, and snowboarding down the side of mountains.

It’s no surprise then, that when Nick decided to pop the question, it wasn’t going to be all doe eyed over a candlelit dinner – it was going to be something that got the pulse racing.