Helicopter for the Day You’ll Always Cherish

With the wedding date soon upon you, we at High Flying Helicopters would like to first extend a hearty “congratulations” from all of us! Getting married is a marvellous thing, and the wedding will surely be a moment that’ll remain with you for the rest of your lives. To greatly expand the luxurious and unforgettable aura of the wedding, why not throw a helicopter somewhere into the plan? From making a grand entrance to whisking the bride away in a private helicopter after the “I Dos,” a helicopter wedding hire is less expensive than you may think, and it makes for an extraordinary element of the first day of your lives together.


Spectacular entrance


Champagne, chocolate and flowers


Complete flexibility for the day

Overview of Wedding Helicopter

The wedding may be one of the most beautiful days that you’ll remember forever, and High Flying Helicopter wants to help you make it a dazzling occasion with the wedding helicopter flight packages. Imagine — as the groom patiently waits in front of the church, the bride flies in from the horizon and lands in awe-inspiring fashion, or after the ceremony and the tying-of-the-knot, the bride and groom fly off together for a beautiful sightseeing tour over the English countryside before landing at the reception. In other words, using a helicopter on your wedding day is a certain way to create a breathtaking impact, for both you and your betrothed as well as the wedding guests.

We will create the ideal schedule suited to the wedding plan as well as your desires and requests. As such, we’ll ensure that the bride arrives at the ceremony on time, escort the bride and groom from the church to the reception while taking a tour of the enthralling countryside, and even whisk the newlyweds to the airport so they can catch their honeymoon flight. Think of us like your private wedding concierge; we are more than excited to cater to your every need on this everlasting day.

No matter the decor of the wedding, you can be ensured that the inside helicopter will present the same luxurious style and appropriate attire. Enjoy champagne, chocolates, flowers, or whatever you’d like during the flight or upon arrival.

The operators can land the helicopters in most sites. However, operators will need to satisfy two conditions to be able to land at or near your wedding venue or the church, including:

1) We need the land owner’s permission.
2) The landing site needs to be wide enough and clear of obstructions to meet our specific helicopter performance criteria.

Although we pride ourselves on providing a custom, luxurious wedding flight that anticipates all possibilities, we cannot provide a guarantee for the weather. As such, if poor weather conditions prevent pilots from flying, a rare occurrence nonetheless, we can help arrange a “back-up plan” for transport.
Your wedding day is the start of a long and happy life together with the one you love, and there is no better way to contribute to the cherished memories of this marvellous day than with a helicopter flight. Call High Flying Helicopter today for a consultation and to request a quote, and we’ll help make your wedding the most special day of your lives.