A Truly Magical Night

With prom around the corner, you’ll probably be busy shopping for a fancy outfit and, like your mates, making the big evening a grand affair. Instead of taking the familiar route by picking up your date in a limousine, imagine landing near his/her house in a private helicopter. It’s surely one way of making your prom an unforgettable affair.
At High Flying Helicopter, our goal is to make stylish helicopter transport a reality for your prom. Whether you want a private ride with your date or a shared ride with your best friends, we’ll pick you up and take you high above the countryside or sea. Following some breathtaking views, you’ll land at your prom in spectacular fashion.


Create your own prom itinerary

Champagne, chocolate and flowers

Pickup and drop off flexibility

Overview of Prom Helicopter Hire

Whether you call it the school formal, the prom, or anything else, there’s nothing like finishing another year of school and celebrating in extravagant fashion. From elegant dresses and handsome suits to photo booths and limousine rentals, prom is also the one night to let loose and feel like you’re on top of the world. With a private helicopter charter for your prom, you’ll turn an already big evening into something truly unforgettable. Imagine picking up an unsuspecting date via helicopter and flying into the sunset as the preamble of your prom. You’ll certainly have the most extraordinary ride of the night, and you and your date can enjoy each other’s company as we take you on a one-of-a-kind prom night flight..

No matter the theme of the prom, we’ll make sure to decorate the interior of the┬ácharter helicopter to set the mood. Moreover, we like to be as flexible as possible, and if you have any special requests, such as snacks and beverages during the flight or detours over specific landmarks and locations (Westminster Abbey, the Thames, the beach, your home, etc), please let us know and we’ll deliver.

The operator can also accommodate most landing requirements. In order to land near your home and near the prom venue, the operator will need the following from each location:


1) The land owner’s permission.
2)The landing site needs to be wide enough and clear of obstructions to meet our specific helicopter performance criteria.

If you are unable to land near the venue, we’ll find an appropriate location as close as possible and organise a limousine for the final leg of the journey. Although we pride ourselves on providing a custom, luxurious prom flight that anticipates all possibilities, we cannot provide a guarantee for the weather. As such, if poor weather conditions prevent the pilots from flying, we can help arrange a back-up plan for transport.

The prom is a special evening and it is the one night where, no matter who you are, you can enjoy that magical feeling of having your whole life ahead of you. Take your evening to the skies with a helicopter for you and your date or all your friends, and give this unforgettable evening a new dimension that you’ll cherish forever.