The Finest Footage Comes from Above

Get your creativity off the ground with flawless helicopter aerial filming. We are entering a new era of innovation and for those in the filmmaking industry – whether for tourism, business or beautiful entertainment – the sky is no longer the limit.

Nature documentaries, music videos, sporting events and high-level dramas wouldn’t be the same without those bird eye glittering cityscapes, sublime overhead views of mountains and forests, and perfectly tailored panoramas. Blending a pure passion for flying, exceptional crew and world class equipment; assuring the smoothest service in the business.


Stunning Aerial Filming of the UK and Beyond

Use of latest Aerial Filming Equipment to record in formats from HD to 8k

Experienced Team of Experts to Capture Your Requirements

Giving Wings To Your Vision

Share your vision from a different point of view – helicopter aerial footage can truly make a project come to life. There’s a sharp intake of breath and an undeniable wow factor that comes with shifting perspective. While a viewer may lose interest watching shots of an event, place or object that shares their stance on the ground – by lifting them up and showing them the world from a different angle; attention is caught, energy restored, and attitudes enraptured.

The beauty about aerial footage is its fine versatility. Whether you want artistic cinematography, high-action sports coverage, festival fun and finesse, narrative pieces, or snapshots of the natural world; we can help you capture the stories and sights you want to share.

A Five-Star Experience

Giving flight to fabulous ideas takes intuition, imagination, and an innovative approach. We know that the world of filming works on a tightly wound string of budgets, beliefs, deadlines and consistently tackling the unexpected. As experts in the fields of flying and delivering a five-star service, we make it our mission to cut out the chaos. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the aerial filming service is swift, safe, affordable and amazingly efficient.

Helicopter Fleet

Choose from a range of helicopters ranging from single engine and twin engine helicopters purpose built for aerial filming that glide as smooth as silk and duck and dive without a stutter. When choosing your fleet we will always prioritise safety assuring you that you are in safe hands all the time

Stabilising System

We understand stability is a key factor when getting those award winning shots. We therefore use the latest gyro stabalising systems ranging from the Shotover F1,K1 , G1 or the GSS C516, NSI SuperG2 and StabC Compact. For extra stability, the pilots and DOP operators undergo rigorous training to be the best in the business.

Cameras, Lens & recording format

The cameras used are the best in the industry depending on your requirements choose from the Canon C300 MKII, ARRI ALEXA, AMIRA, ALEXA-65, RED WEAPON, Red VV 8K, IMAX & SONY F65 and Panavision DXL.

Some of the lenses used include the Angenieux Optimo 25-250/44-440, Canon CN-E 14.5-60 and CN-E 20×5

Whatever your requirements we will work closely with you to understand your needs and advise the best combination of equipment to get the highest quality output ranging from HD, 4K, 6K and 8k ensuring you get the exact shots required.

Location, Location, Location

The city of London makes for one of the most exciting filming destinations in the world. The skyline punctuated with iconic sights – from the clang of Big Ben to the silhouette of The Shard. During the daylight hours you can follow the curve of the River Thames, see the crowds outside Buckingham Palace and capture the many layers of history that make London one of the major capitals in the world. At night, the city sparkles like a sea of lights. London truly is one of the most majestic cities to shoot; both on the ground and in the air.

While London is our backyard playground, our aerial services go beyond the borders of the city. From provincial towns to the patchwork greens and golds of the English countryside and the salt whipped wonder of the coastline – whatever landscapes you need to capture, we can take you there.

Why Film Using A Helicopter?

Modern technology is ever evolving, and todays solution can quickly become yesterdays news. Even in the specialised world of aerial footage, some TV and filming crews are turning towards the buzz of the drone. Drones do make for a fabulous aerial platform – they are unobtrusive, easy to handle and highly cost effective. Yet, for serious filmmakers, documentarians and those who are paving the way for high class captured footage – the traditional methods of helicopter service can’t be beaten.

Wider Range

One of the key factors in favor of choosing helicopters for your aerial footage is the fact that they boast a much longer range than drones. Drones can travel for only a matter of minutes before needing to be returned safely for battery charging. A helicopter can keep on going, gifting you the time and freedom to explore and capture that perfect shot.

Weight Load

Drones are fast and light and great for getting into the worlds nooks and crannies that helicopters simply cannot reach. But for those projects where you need heavy, high-class equipment to take your footage to another level, you can only rely on the power and the prowess of a helicopter to get you and your equipment there.

High Altitudes

There are some filming events when you need to go higher to capture a larger panorama. Drones simply cannot meet the same altitudes as a helicopter. Whether its trying to get a complete cityscape or filming major events like the royal wedding, a grand scale sporting competition, or a large-scale festival – getting higher allows you to capture more without any hindrance.

Combined Forces

Capturing the best aerial footage is all about the triage factor; the equipment, the crew and the creative vision. We believe that a combination of helicopter and drone platforms can crack open the possibilities of your project and ensure that every option has been exhausted to help you get the best shots.

Along with taking a multifaceted approach to filming equipment its essential to choose a crew that actively contribute to securing incredible footage. This includes expert pilots to get you there safely and efficiently,  a DOP expert with the talent to point and shoot from every angle, and gyro stabilized rigs to keep the style fluid and effortless.

Powerful collaborations with aviation companies can pave the way for the future of filmmaking. Don’t let your creativity be tethered to the ground, together we can break the boundaries of beautiful sky-led cinematography.