People have always yearned to fly. It’s one of the most common superpowers we wish for as children. Yet, when it comes to air travel, most of us are limited by flight times, legroom, and, if lucky, a quick view of the scenery before the plane soars through the clouds. At High Flying Helicopter, we’re creating a new way to travel and experience fight, one that’s defined by luxury, comfort, and flexibility around your needs. You’ll experience VIP service for whatever your goals might be, whether to see London’s most idyllic landmarks from the sky or travel via private charter to a wedding or special event.
Some of the services our operators include:

London Helicopter Rides — Discover London like never before via an unforgettable helicopter tour over the city.

Gifts and Experiences — We offer a range of experiences for helicopter and flight enthusiasts, from afternoon tea at a picturesque country manor to flying lessons where you take the controls.

Weddings — Make the special day even more memorable by flying in to meet your husband-to-be or whisking your bride away for a romantic trip to the ceremony or to the airport for the honeymoon.

Private Hire for Event Travel — Whether a major sporting event, music festival, conference, business trip, or more, a private helicopter takes the stress out of travel and provides an efficient, comfortable, and stylish means for arriving at your destination.

Create Your Own Experience — No matter your needs, High Flying Helicopter will work with you to provide exceptional service and make your dreams a reality.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding value and service to our clients. Even for the shortest trips, our main priority is to create a flight experience unlike any other. The team of flight managers are quite serious about the smallest details, and everyone from our receptionists to the operators CAA licensed pilots, we offer friendly and efficient service to make sure that your experience is seamless and stress-free. The fleet includes first-class helicopters that receive unrivalled maintenance and care, and you can expect only the highest safety standards for your flight.

There’s nothing like the convenience, comfort, and luxury provided by a helicopter charter. We’ll even arrange to land the helicopter near you or send a chauffeur to pick you up. Satisfy your dreams of flight and experience VIP service at an affordable price by calling High Flying Helicopter for your trip. We are looking forward to hearing from you.